Tuesday, June 17, 2014


i haven't posted on this blog in a long time i know, surprising since for four years i diligently posted at least once a month. For a while i just felt like i'd run out of things to say, of ways to inspire people and raise awareness.

Its hard to do, I won't tell you its not, but i'm halfway through year 12 and I know i can do hard stuff. Next week i'm going to take my Learners test and finally starting to learn to drive. I'm worried i'll kill someone but with some luck i hopefully won't.

Some people with NLD choose not to drive because its too scary and its hard. I chose to wait a few more years then I needed to because i was hoping my hand eye coordination would catch up in those few years. It hasn't but i'm going to do it anyway. Or at least i'm going to try.

I'm doing a drama production in two weeks, its bigger then anything i've ever done and i think its going to be great. Life is like a big play after all and it seems to be going alright.

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