Thursday, February 23, 2012


i do swim club twice a week at the pool it is a good sport for me too do because unless i am competeing i don't have to race against anyone and since i don't like group work or team sports it is good as it is largely individual AND [ i consider this the best thing] even if we are racing they don't use a starting gun or anything that is particulary loud and startling thye just use this beeper thing it scared me a bit the first time i heard it but i am used to it now i am also getting better at diving off the diving block which i used to be uncomftable with though i am not sure why

Sunday, February 12, 2012

schools back

schools back in and i am exhausted last monday i had vertigo cause i was so tired and almost fell down the stairs at cadets needless to say i fully deserved the massive lie in i had this morning and the hot bath i will be having tonight swim club and dance have made my legs and shoukders sore and i feel like a old woman but at least i get to see my friends i got into the top class and i like it cause i have the same maths teacher even if the homework is super hard