Friday, November 25, 2011

give me a break

whenever things look ok something happens and then its back to where i started, at the start of last week i was happy my friends and i were all getting along well laughing and gossiping and doing normal teenage stuff but as the week proggressed i noticed that they were starting to reject me putting their bags up as i approached so  i couldn't sit with them and staring at me and whispering they thought i didn't notice but i did and i knew what was going to happen so i tried to enjoy what i knew was limited time laughing with my friends then wensday lunch time the uneventful happened one of my best friends in the group walked up to me and told me that her and the others did not want me to sit with them anymore i was a bit disappointed but not surprised. i smiled and told my friend that was ok and i'd see her later now everytime i walk past where they sit i remember the times laughing and gossiping and wish with all my heart that i could go back and sit with them and laugh but i know if i did they wouldn't be so nice and would outright tell me to leave.

i still have one good friend with me but its not the same i know its a year nine thing so i am sorta hoping next year they will invite me back as unlikely as it is... can't life just give me a break?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i am so sorry for not updating in forever but i have discovered something wonderful fanfiction it is so cool and i have been reading on the computer and my DS non-stop i cant get enough in a few weeks i am going to a big city where i can go book shopping i cant wait! especially since Inheritence will be out by then