Friday, March 21, 2014


Settling into this new life now. First terms almost over and we've moved into our house. Still not sure if I've made any friends but I'm working on it. Or trying to at least.

Set up my IEP at school just waiting for teachers to start using it i guess. Sometimes I get to scared to go to the year 12 common room so i go to the library.

I feel really upset with myself when I chicken out of going in there. I was never scared at my old school i knew I had the right to be in there and I would be able to find a seat.

When I try to go to the one in my new school my legs freeze up and I feel like everyone is staring at me. I feel like i can't breathe and the amount of noise in there makes me feel like i can't think. So I usually turn around and walk out.

I like the library, its quiet and cold and if i go to the back corner no one will know I'm there. When I walk among the shelves looking for a book i feel myself relax. Books are much nicer then people and they smell better. If i could stay in the library all day i would.

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