Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a little bit more info on NVLD{NLD], ok, ALOT more info

NLD can affect three basic spheres of development
visio-spatial skills
motor skills and
social skills
children and adults with NLD frequently have trouble with spatial perception{ which results in often getting lost} mathematics{especially with operations like borrowing or algerbra} and visual memory{ for example an NLD person may have difficulty telling someone what their house looks like or finding it in a string of houses}

motor problems include a lateness in learning to walk { i myself  walked at sixteen months of age}, problems tying sheos, getting dressed, brushing teeth, combing hair, and kicking or hitting a ball.

the sphere that i personally have the most problems in is social development common social problems include difficulty reading facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice, gullibility is also a symptom of NLD as is taking things quite literally both are also symptoms of autism and asperger's syndrome.

despite their diverse problems, people with NLD have many assets, some children with NLD learn to speak and read early, according to my mum i spoke my first words when i was seven months old. By the time i was two i could recite the alphabet and count to twenty. one year later i taught myself to read. conversely some children with NLD have difficulty learning to speak and read and may even be misdiagnosed with a reading disorder however once they get the hang of it, their vocabulary and reading level increases rapidly and soon they have surpassed many of their peers in these areas.

people with NLD have superb rote verbal memory skills, this means we are able to remember things like song lyrics, word spellings, and new words, As i've said earlier arithmetic can be difficult for people with NLD to master; however, their memories can make them excellent counters and can also make them top adders in their early years. When i was in kindergarten i knew things like 5 plus 5 and 3 minus 2, and i was able to do first grade work, problems began to occur in second and third grade when i was expected to borrow arithmetic is, i've since learned, an essentually right-hemispheric process which is why i think people with non-verbal learning disorder have such trouble with it.

what is it like to have visio-spatial problems? well i don't actually consider them problems.Sometimes it's as though i see things in pieces- i break down objects into simple visual bits, like colours, in first grade, i went to class in what i thought of as a " white room." it had white walls and a carpet that only seemed to  accentuate their whtieness. I know a room by the colour of the walls or of the floor rarley both at once. when i was little, i was always told that i watched my feet.This was because most of my landmarks were on the ground.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


well i'm back from brisbane it was very cold up there and i got a new book called shiver it is really good i think i read it the day i got it and now have to wait til at least chrismas before i can get the next one i am looking to see if i can get a job at the local library all my friends have jobs and i love books plus library is air condtioned perfect for summer its already getting hot here 35 degrees today

Sunday, September 19, 2010

taking a trip

thsi will be my last post for awhile before jetting off to brisbane to see my dad!!! i am so excited i have not seen him in ages!! i'm also a littlw nervous about the awkwardness of my stepdad and my dad meeting each other for the first time hopefully it all goes smoothly!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little background info

i was diagnosed with NLD when i was nine it was a hard year as i was also undergoing optical therapy because the pupil in my left eye was slightly to the left instead of in the middle after three months of therapy the problem was fixed but then i became to lag behind the others acedemically and also i stopped my growth hormone injections that year i have never had a teachers aid like some kids with NLD do i have only had one tutor in maths for two years and none of my work is modified it never has been now that i am in high school the only help i get is a bit more supervision in woodwork apart from that i have no help

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wanna no?

hey it s me raven thought might like ot no some stuff about me i live in austalia and i have nonverbal not verbal learning disorder it affects the right side of the brain and things like organization and social skills are wuite damaged

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my first blog

hi my name is raven and i just created this blog so i could raise awarnes fro a condtion i have called nvld or nonverbal learnign disorder i plan to update this blog at lease once a week i will be writing about my everyday life but also about my struggles with nvld hope u like it