Thursday, July 21, 2011


i have checked out a few other blogs mostly {ok always} written by a parent of a child with NLD-NVLD and it made me glad and a bit sad glad because in this way i know there are really others out there who struggle like i do and sad because mine seems to be the only blog actually written by the young person who actually does the struggling, there are plently of adults with NLD who blog bu no teens or children of course i don't really expect children to blog but what about the teens? if there are so many why do none of them blog and share their experiences?

two sides

i have two sides theres the nice one that offers to do jobs and likes helping mum and can fold a whole basket of washing without complaining once and can make dinner once a week and then theres the other one that doesn't want to help mum at all and resists every step of the way that is moody and grumpy and over sensitive and mean

Saturday, July 9, 2011


its finally holidays but for some reason my report hasn't come yet i'm really nervous in case its not good but i think it will be ok just i find some things a bit hard doesn't mean i don't behave in class one of my friends thinks a guy who used to bully me is nice and i suppose when that person is not being a pig maybe he is nice everyone deserves a second chance don't they?

Friday, July 1, 2011


going sailing tomorrow with a good friend and my crush thankfully not gonna be on the same boat but still i hope nothing embarrasing happens like today i was painting and i pushed the roller up too fast and bright bluue paint splattered all over me i tried to wash it off but people kept calling me a smurf { dont know what that is} so some must have still been on my face!