Sunday, October 20, 2013


so guys I know I've been neglecting my blog this year, not a lot of posting action going on so I figured I better give everybody an update on how things are going.

Things are going ok, they are starting an Arrowsmith school in Brisbane that I might get to go to next year. I'm pretty excited because I bet i'll make a great assistant librarian when i'm done and I know my lefts and rights and how to organise things and all the stuff I don't know now.

I mean it might not fix everything and if I do it I might not be able to do year 12 which makes me a bit sad because I really wanted to graduate it would be a big IN YOUR FACE to all the kids who have been mean to me and it would just prove to some people that i'm smart and I can do some things.

Some of my friends and I have talked for many, many lunchtimes about what we will do after we graduate. Some things I know for certain I will do like going down to the beach with my year 12 maths book and burning it... along with some of the maths books from previous years.

I want to travel... not alone maybe with my mum and see all my friends who are in different parts of the country and then i'm going to work as an assistant librarian and publish my first novel when its finished.

I really hope I can go to the Arrowsmith school AND graduate high school cause that would be really cool.