Friday, August 31, 2012


i've been a bit slack with my blog for ages and i'm sorry but things have been tough and i have been struggling to keep up. My teachers are putting alot of pressure on everyone this term because our grades affect what courses we can choose in year 11.

i don't handle pressure very well it makes me stressed had a sore stomach for a few days doctor put it down to stress. Still mums been great helping me with my homework and assingments and trying to see if i can get put in a easy maths class next year. Plus she picked me up when my stomach was really sore probably because we were going to write a 6 paragraph essay in 1 hour by hand in the next class, which is no easy feat for someone with low frustration tolerance and slow messy handwriting.

Mum explained to my sisters about my NLD i don't know how much they understand but at least she tried, friends well they are there but are displaying signs they don't really want to be. Or i think they are it could be me being paranoid.

Can't wait for next year easy maths library tech at TAFE and maybe some more help from my teachers !.