Sunday, May 26, 2013

i was right

i was right year 11 is tough, tough as nails, but i am too. For awhile i lost my passion for writing, my fanfictions. the original story i've been working on and this blog all suffered but i think i'm back now.

I thought as i do every year that this would be the year things would get easier not in terms of school work because that can only ever get harder, but maybe my social life might pick up i might go to a few parties have a few friends over have a birthday party maybe? i should know by now that i shouldn't raise my hopes up to high. But i can't help it.

Evidently things are going along how they always have. i've got 'friends' who are nice and friendly. They let me sit with them but they don't invite me to the movies when they are all going together. They don't invite me to parties and i'd bet all the money i have [ not very much] that if i did have a birthday party none of them would turn up.

It bothers me a bit that they all study together and hang out and do the things other teens do. But i don't have anyone to do that stuff with, not one person.

Before this year i didn't know it was possible to be surrounded by people and still be lonely. But it is.

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